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International Growth

Is your firm exporting?  Your firm would benefit if it would. According to a study by the Institute for International Economics and the Manufacturing Institute, both large and small firms benefit by exporting in the following ways. They:

  • Have worker productivity rates 30 to 50 percent higher than non-exporters.
  • Have higher rates of innovation, with exporters adopting new technologies far more frequently and intensely than non-exporters.
  • Fail one-third less frequently than non-exporters and shrink less than non-exporters during recessionary cycles.
  • Have annual growth rates three to eleven percent higher than non-exporters.

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The Olathe Economic Development Advisory Council suggests these links for your reference:

US Department of Commerce – Valuable assistance to help your business export goods and services to markets worldwide. From its site you can access a global listing of trade events, international market research and practical tools to help with every step of the export process.

www.export.gov or Kansas City Office, www.buyusa.gov/kansascity

Kansas Department of Commerce – Assistance with export counseling, market research, distributor/agent search, trade show assistance grants and the Kansas Export Loan Guarantee Program.


International Business Resource Center (IBRC) – Operated through the Center for International Business Education and Research at the University of Kansas (KU). This is a nationally award-winning site for gaining information on international business and trade resources including country resources, trade leads and statistical business resources. This site caters toward small and medium sized businesses interested in expanding internationally. http://www.ibrc.bschool.ukans.edu/default.htm