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Live the history of Olathe's vibrant past by visiting its many historical attractions or parks.

Ensor home and radio tower

Ensor Park and Museum
18995 W 183rd St Olathe KS 66062

Visitors can enjoy an hour long tour of the 1890 two story farmhouse of Jacob and Ida Ensor. You will learn about the early days of radio and the history of the Ensor home.
Ensor Park and Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior.

Historic Walking Tour

Olathe is home to many beautiful historic homes and landmarks.  Enjoy this self guided tour of Olathe, either walking or by car.

Historic Mahaffie house front porch
Historic cars inside museum

Kansas City Auto Museum
15095 W 116th St Olathe KS 66062

The Kansas City Automotive Museum rotates vehicles on a regular basis, including a monthly rotation exhibit. In addition to the vehicles on display, the Museum narrates Kansas City’s automotive history through a curated collection and informative displays.

Mahaffie Stacecoach Stop & Farm
1200 E Kansas City Rd Olathe KS 66061

As the only working stagecoach stop left on the Santa Fe Trail, Mahaffie is home to 1860s living history, agricultural heritage barn, indoor museum, the original Mahaffie house, and more.  Discover life on the Kansas frontier, 1860s farming, and stagecoach travel.  There is fun here for all ages!

Stagecoach in front of Mahaffie House
Exterior museum sign

Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture
455 E Park Street Olathe KS 66061

Visit the museum to learn about what it is like to be dear or learn about the rich heritage.  Learn about the cultural enrichment programs, a variety of cultural series, hands on workshops, and visit the Chuck Baird art gallery.

Lone Elm Historic Campground
167th and Lone Elm Olathe, KS

A stop on the passport and places to go locations for the National Historic Trails, Lone Elm Campground is where many Oregon, California, and Santa Fe trail travelers spent their first night west of the Missouri River.  Today Lone Elm is a 155 acre with several interpretive waysides and a large interpretive sculpture.

Interpretive signs outdoors