H&R Block Announces Enhanced Small Business Solutions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) announced a new suite of cloud-based, centrally-supported services that it will offer to small businesses, predominantly ones with fewer than 10 employees, throughout the Kansas City metro area. Building on existing H&R Block small business services, this modernized offering leverages cloud accounting technologies to provide local businesses with real-time bookkeeping, payroll and tax solutions. In addition, H&R Block will offer business coaching, a service rarely available to small companies.
 H&R Block Small Business will maximize efficiency for businesses looking to streamline their accounting and financial needs.

“H&R Block has always been a resource to small businesses,” said Rodney Wasson, H&R Block district general manager. “With this reboot of our full suite of business offerings, we provide unprecedented levels of service to small businesses, enabling them to better manage their finances, monitor their performance and focus on their priorities. In other words, we focus on their books, so they can focus on their businesses.”

This cloud has a silver lining
The advent of cloud-based technologies is changing the way H&R Block can serve its clients. H&R Block’s experienced bookkeeping staff combined with its ability to integrate best-in-breed technologies, like Xero for bookkeeping and ADP for payroll, enable it to remove much of the burden small businesses face when managing their finances. A small business can securely access their information on demand, while a year-round H&R Block office will continue to serve the small business’ needs. This will give the small business maximum control over their finances while benefitting from the expertise of H&R Block.

“The accessibility and ease-of-use of the cloud accounting software we employ makes it possible for small businesses to gain greater control over their business while using our help to manage and make sense of the information,” Wasson said. “That way they spend less time on back-office tasks and more time on activities that help grow their businesses and make them more profitable.”

Back to square one
Six decades ago, brothers Henry and Richard Bloch’s company on Main Street in Kansas City served the tax and accounting needs of small businesses. When demand grew for filing individual tax returns for their small business clients, H&R Block was born. The new suite of small business solutions will bring the origins of H&R Block back into focus in a city vibrant with new and small businesses.

“Small business is not only part of the heritage of H&R Block, but an important and transformative feature of the Kansas City community,” said Wasson. “By doing what we do best in bookkeeping, payroll and taxes for our small business clients, we can help empower them to focus on doing what they do best.”

For more information on H&R Block Small Business services, visit http://hrblock.com/smallbusiness, call 816-854-5129 or email bsb@hrblock.com.


About H&R Block
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