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Meet the Author – Tom Williams

Meet the local author of “President You: How a Thoughtful Ordinary Citizen Could Change the Most Complex Government on Earth." Tom will discuss the book, his motivation to write it and have a Q&A session. The meet and greet will end with a book signage. Admission is Free. To attend, please enroll on the JOCO Parks and Rec website. What would you do if elected President? That’s the dramatic question at the heart of local author Tom Williams’ book, President You.  Fictional president, Augustus Lincoln Treatise, grapples with actual challenges facing America in a detailed and accurate way, but without the heated partisan slant that drives most political discourse today. It presents alternative solutions to some of America’s domestic and international policies that our last few congresses and presidents have been unable, or unwilling, to resolve on our behalf. With mid-term elections approaching fast, it is a timely read for reflecting with new urgency on how government could work.