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Review our Olathe Sports Commission Sponsorship Opportunties

Sports sponsorship is one of the means available to a company to bring itself or its products to the attention of sporting event attendees, participants and the overall community as a whole. It announces the availability of a product and/or service and creates a positive image for the brand. It can also provide information on product and/or service quality, characteristics, price and performance.

Sponsorship seeks to enhance these messages by association with an event, club, team or organization that shares similar image qualities and values as the brand. This association can be extremely powerful because it is perceived as an endorsement of the brand by an independent third party. While consumers are aware of the costs of sponsorship, the message conveyed is more subtle than that from a typical advertisement.

In almost all sectors of all markets, there is intense competition among companies and brands. Sponsors look to sports to add value to their brand. In order to make a brand stand out from the crowd, a sponsor will use sport to create a unique position in the mind of the consumer. 

At its highest levels, sport involves gold medals, world records, championship cups and global awareness. In order to personalize and localize its image and activity, businesses can also focus sponsorship efforts on grass roots sports. Any company, no matter the size, can benefit from improved awareness, image and sales through sport sponsorship at a local or regional level.

The Olathe Sports Commission is committed to providing a different approach to sports sponsorship. It is our goal to go beyond traditional sports marketing to represent and display your company in a positive and profitable manner. We create, attract and manage sports events that can make a valuable and quantifiable contribution to existing or planned brand communications. Our high quality events are enjoyable and memorable for audiences and participants, providing sponsors with personalized occasions to build brand values and develop sales opportunities and volumes. Above all, we work closely with our sponsors to develop a strong, lasting relationship that continually returns high value for the investment.

Thank you in advance for your support and look forward to working with you and your staff on creating yet another sports success story in Olathe.