New program at JCCC helps fund a student’s education

New program at Johnson County Community College helps fund a student’s education


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Johnson County Community College has unveiled a new program that guarantees tuition aid for Johnson County senior students who meet eligibility criteria.


The Cavalier Scholarship Guarantee will provide for at least a $500 scholarship (that covers almost 25% of a semester’s tuition).


What is unique about this scholarship is that students who meet the qualifications and apply for the $500 Cavalier Scholarship Guarantee more than likely will qualify for other JCCC scholarships and receive even more money.


“JCCC has awarded scholarships to our county’s graduates for decades,” said Pete Belk, program director of admissions. “Adding the Cavalier Scholarship Guarantee shows our commitment to access to higher education in the county by easing the financial burden that comes with going to colleges. By guaranteeing a scholarship that covers almost one-fourth of the cost to attend JCCC, students and their families can spend more time celebrating college than worrying about it.” 


The average of JCCC scholarships awarded pay for about 64% of recipient’s tuition, so the potential is out there just because students fill out the main JCCC scholarship application.


No essay is required and no test needs to be taken. The application can be filled out in under five minutes. Scholarship applications are due March 15.


Eligibility: High school and home-schooled students residing in Johnson County who graduate with a 3.25 unweighted GPA. Although a FAFSA is not a requirement to receive this scholarship, students are encouraged to complete one to increase the scholarship eligibility.


Application Process: To qualify for the scholarship guarantee, students must complete these steps by March 15: submit a JCCC Admission Application, submit a 7th semester high school transcript, complete the JCCC Scholarship Application.


Criteria: Enrollment at JCCC must begin the fall semester directly following high school graduation. Students must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours and be degree-seeking.


Disbursement: The scholarship will be disbursed at $250 for fall semester and $250 for spring. Students must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) during the fall semester to receive the spring portion of the award. SAP is a 2.0 GPA with 67% completion.


The Cavalier Guarantee is non-renewable and the scholarship is not stackable with other institutional scholarships.