Olathe is Ranked Among America’s Safest Cities

MyLife, a social media website, recently did an analysis of data to determine the safest cities in the country and Olathe is #6!

MyLife’s analysis included 5 sets of data:
• Law enforcement officers
• Traffic fatalities
• Violent crimes
• Property crimes
• Sex offenders
• % of the population enrolled in health care

The analysis was based on 100 cities. It’s interesting to see the rankings each city in the top 10 had, as these aren’t really statistics thrown around on a regular day. The ranking criteria chosen covers a wide range of statistics related to the safety of a city. Cities that made the top 10 were fairly spread out geographically with the exception that three cities in California made the list. Olathe stood out with ranking 20th in fewest traffic fatalities.

You can read the full analysis here: http://www.mylife.com/blog/the-10-safest-cities-in-america/.

About MyLife

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