ER of Olathe back open to public

ER of Olathe back open to the public

The ER of Olathe freestanding emergency department reopened on June 23, again providing compassionate, expert ER care to patients of all ages.

Overland Park Regional Medical Center temporarily closed The ER of Olathe to consolidate its emergency department staff at its main campus, which was experiencing a surge of COVID-19 patients.

The ER of Olathe, 13505 S. Alden St., serves the southern Johnson County community with around the clock, 24/7 emergency care for adults and kids. From sprains and broken bones to middle-of-the-night fevers and allergic reactions, The ER of Olathe is here to help. The emergency room continues to be safe and available for all patients in the Olathe community – big and small – seeking medical attention for urgent health concerns, whether COVID-19 related or not.

Advanced protocols to protect you
The ER of Olathe has been and will continue to be proactively engaged in the safe management of COVID-19.  As part of their larger network, HCA Healthcare, The ER of Olathe has put in place infection prevention protocols and safety measures that help protect patients and colleagues at all facilities. One of the many ways The ER of Olathe is keeping patients and staff safe is by providing masks and hand sanitizer to anyone entering the emergency room.

Expert emergency care 24/7
If you or a loved one are experiencing emergency symptoms of any kind it is both safe and necessary to seek medical attention right away. And if you experience severe symptoms such as chest pain or weakness or numbness in limbs, call 911 so your care can begin on the way to the hospital.

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