Legislative Platform

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(Approved by the Board of Directors, 
STATE - December 2019
FEDERAL - December 2018)

View the 2020 Johnson County Public Policy Council Platform in PDF format (free Adobe Acrobat Reader needed.)
View the 2021 State Platform in PDF format (free Adobe Acrobat Reader needed.)
View the 2021 Federal Platform in PDF format (free Adobe Acrobat Reader needed.)

The Olathe Chamber of Commerce works with its member businesses, the City of Olathe and the Olathe School District in pursuit of a common vision for the Olathe community. The Chamber and its partners support a full service community with a diversified tax base, full employment and exceptional quality of life. The Chamber and its partners believe that this vision is best achieved by effectively funding targeted economic development activities, efficient municipal services and infrastructure and quality schools. Although the Chamber sets legislative priorities on an annual basis, prior to each session of the Legislature, it relies on this vision as a basis both for its own activities and advocacy of governmental action.

The Chamber supports the efforts of the following entities and generally concurs with their legislative platforms.

        Olathe School District 233
        City of Olathe Platform

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